Camping fee

16,00 € per day

Per person price 

6,50 € per day

Electricity spot 

6,50 € per day

Family price (2 adults + 2-4 children)

41,00 € per day

Discount: Camping Key Europe tai SF-Caravan card

-2,00 €/reservation


peak season price 20.6-31.7

Camping cottages for 2 people ***

Double bed (can be separated), dining table, refrigerator, microwave

50 €/day  *60€/day

Camping cottages for 4 people ***

Double bed (can be separated), bunkbed, dining table, 

refrigerator, microwave

60 €/day *70 €/day

Equipped cottages for 4 people ** toilet, shower, kitchenette

Wooden sofa bed, bunk bed. Open-plan kitchen

70 €/day *80 €/day

Equipped cottages for 6 people ** toilet, shower, kitchenette

Open-plan kitchen. Sofa bed and two bunk beds in their alcoves

80 €/day *90 €/day

Private sauna

Reserve your private sauna session. The sauna is located in immediate proximity to the beach. Suitable for 4-6 people

25 €/60 min

The accommodation includes sauna on weekdays from 9-11 AM and on Saturdays from 7-9 PM (separate saunas for men and women).

Cottages come with blankets and pillows, but linens and towels are not provided. A disposable linen set can be purchased at the reception for 7 €/person, and towels for 3 €/each.

Guests are responsible for the check-out cleaning. If purchased separately, the cleaning fee is 20€ for a 2-person cabin, 30€ for a 4-person and 40€  for 4 and 6-person cottage

Laundry room rental 

Guests have the opportunity to rent a laundry room for 3 hours for their own use at a price of €15 for 3 hours. The rental includes the use of a washing machine and a dryer (own detergent). Rental times are available every hour at 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm. Please inquire about available slots at the reception 

Equipment rental price list 

Equipment available for rent at the reception. For reservation inquiries, please contact the reception via email at or by phone at +358 45 255 0073. Life jackets and usage instructions are included in the rental 

Electric scooter

Available for rent: 2 pieces

10€/hour, 50€/day

SUP Board

Weight limit: 120 kg. Available for rent: 2 pieces



Suitable for two people. Available for rent: 2 pieces 



Suitable for a maximum of three people. Available for rent: 1 piece 


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