Pets are welcome here 

Dog...and cat friendly campsite

Pets are always welcome guests to us. We receive many four-legged visitors annually, and we have taken that into account in developing the area

We have taken pets into consideration. At the reception, you will find a water bowl, and in the summer of 2023, we built a dog enclosure near the reception, close to the mini-golf course. It has been frequently used since then. Next to the enclosure, there is a trash bin and equipment for cleaning up after your pet. The enclosure also features Finland's only stick library for dogs!

Pets are warmly welcome to stay with us. They can stay in all cabins and huts, except for a few that are reserved for those with allergies. The pet fee is €20 per reservation

Please keep your pet on a leash while on the premises. Use of the dog enclosure is at your own risk and should be supervised. Always clean up after your pet. Dogs can be swum at the small peninsula at the end of the path to the right of the beach 

Did you know that right next to us, there are fantastic nature trails at Pihlajaniemi for outdoor activities with your dog? Read more on the Activities page HERE

Leave your pawprints with us

Do you want to leave pawprints in our gallery and let us know you've been here? Send us a picture of your pet, their name, and, if you wish, a short greeting as the caption.

Send a message with the subject 'Paw prints Gallery' to

"We look forward to receiving your pictures!"

In memorian


Cheerful Black Delilah "Lyyli"  27.10.2015 - 3.8.2023