Campsite instructions and rules 

On this page, you will find the price list, reservation conditions, site rules, and safety instructions 

Accommodation card 

You can also print and fill out the accommodation card in advance. It speeds up the check-in process on-site


The campsite has a nightly quiet period from 23:00 to 06:00

During this time, the use of outdoor grills and unnecessary driving with motor vehicles on the premises is prohibited.

Disruptive individuals will be removed from the area

Camping or accommodation fees are generally not refunded or partially reimbursed in disturbance situations.

The camping tag must always be visible.

 A good place for the tag is, for example, behind the car's windshield. The tag must also be returned to the reception when leaving the area at the end of the visit. Everyone is responsible for keeping their camping spot or other living space tidy and for disposing of garbage and waste in the designated bins.

Open fires on the premises are prohibited except in designated areas (such as the grill shelter).


The import of edged weapons and other weapons to the area is strictly prohibited without prior agreement.


Letting pets roam freely and swimming at the beach are prohibited. There is a separate dog enclosure on the premises where dogs can be unleashed. Owners are responsible for cleaning up any waste.


Each person is personally responsible for damage caused by their negligence or disregard.

Loss or damage to property: 

The campsite organizer is not responsible for the potential loss or damage of movable property on the campsite, including motor vehicles. The campsite organizer is not liable for accidents that may occur on the campsite.

Power distribution: Sharing electricity from caravan electrical posts is prohibited, and pulling extension cords across driveways or using tree branches for this purpose is strictly forbidden.

Peddling on the premises: Unauthorized peddling on the premises is prohibited and considered disruptive behavior.

Emergency number: 112

Safety instructions

Know by reading – Survive by acting!

Explore the surroundings when you check-in:

  • Check the location of your cottage on the floor plan.
  • Familiarize yourself with the emergency exits.
  • Identify the nearest fire extinguisher.
  • Exits are marked with green signs, and firefighting equipment is indicated by red signs.

In case of fire or smelling smoke:

  • Immediately rescue those in danger.
  • Report to the reception immediately, phone +358(0)45 255 0073.
  • If you cannot reach the reception, call the fire department at 112.
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher.
  • Contain the fire by closing doors and windows.

In case of an alarm:

  • Listen to instructions.
  • Evacuate the cottage promptly, close the cottage door.
  • Do not linger to collect personal belongings.
  • Stay calm.

If you cannot exit your cabin, call our reception at +358 45 255 0073

The name of this accommodation is Vuohimäki Camping Savonlinna Address: Pärnäläntie 21, 57600 Savonlinna

Pets are welcome! 

You are welcome to bring your pets along.

We love pets and allow them in almost all cottages. Please keep your pet on a leash and ensure that it does not cause any inconvenience to other guests on the premises.

We have set up an enclosure near the reception for dogs, where you can let them roam freely. The enclosure is equipped with a trash bin and cleaning tools for waste. The use of the enclosure is at the discretion of the guests, and they are responsible for their pets. Please do not leave your pet unattended in the enclosure. Would you like to leave your pet's pawprint in our gallery? Read more here